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Selby & Leo

XL Rimu & Beech Chopping Board, 30cm x 37cm

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Made in Dunedin, NZ

This beautiful handcrafted chopping board are just that extra bit bigger and more substantial than most chopping boards available. It was handcrafted by Arthur Managh, a third-generation sawmiller and now retired into Chopping Board craftsman.

This chopping board is made from NZ Figured Beech from the West Coast of South Island, with side features in NZ Rimu from The Coromandel 

Beautiful gift for foodies or your own kitchen that will still be loved and looking much the same 20 years from now. Finished in food safe oil.

Condition: New

Dimensions: 30cm x 37cm x 2cm

Note: Due to the unique nature of every piece of wood, each chopping board will have its own character.