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Phyllis & Ollie

The Ethnic Paris Cookbook, hardback

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Bringin the French Melting Pot into Your Home

By Charlotte Puckette and Olicia Kiang-Snaije

This gorgeous and colourful cookbook is a combination walking tour of Paris, fascinating history lesson, and, of course, cookbook. The illustrations are charming and bring to life the history about all the different ethnicities in Paris, as well restaurant and grocery stores available in the city. 

The Ethnic Paris Cookbook includes an eclectic selection of Parisian recipes for appetizers, soups, main courses and side dishes, and desserts. All inspired by the exotic regions that have influenced Parisian cuisine, including Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Lebanon, the Maghreb, and the former French West Africa and Congo.

Condition: Preloved Pristine

No. pages: 256

Dimensions: 19cm x 24cm