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SIZZLE BBQ, Julie Biuso cookbook

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If you believe you eat first with our eyes... then you will consider "SIZZLE - Sensational Barbecue Food ", by Julie Biuso a virtual feast. The photography alone is worth the price of this book! If you're a fan of the simple, easy to prepare, yet delicious recipes found in the Barefoot Contessa series of cookbooks by Ina Garten, then you need to order SIZZLE today.

SIZZLE was originally published in New Zealand, and then amazingly for a NZ chef author, it was adapted and sold in the American market where it is a big seller.

This book celebrates the ideal of summer: friends and family gathering together to share sun filled days and warm nights delighting in the "chit-chat and laughter", while enjoying amazing food, with cold beverage in hand and a reminiscence of BBQ smoke lingering in the air. To quote Julie; "barbecuing should be fun". When done properly, barbecuing is the quintessential manifestation of fun with food. "SIZZLE" is now the barbecue handbook for my summer. Enjoy

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Condition:  Preloved. Excellent. Only sign of wear is on the top and base spine - the pages and cover are pristine. Has name of original owner "Trudi" written in small letters on inside front cover.

No. Pages: 106

Dimensions:  27cm x 22cm