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Salter professional bathroom scales, 1990s

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Salter 200 premium analog (mechanical) scales are known for precision accuracy. No batteries required. This style comes from the early 1990s and is a relatively rare find in the southern hemsiphere.

Salter is Britain’s older homewares brand, which started in the 1760s when spring maker, Richard Salter began making the first spring scales for household use. The makers are still as much about reliability, precision weighing and innovation today, if the long-time partnership with chef Heston Blumenthal is any indication.



Main colour - white; Large, easy to read dial; Adjustable dial back to ‘0’; Imperial & metric measures up to 150kg (23st 7lb); sturdy powder-coated, alloy metal base, non-slip rubberised platform & removable laminate cover over mechanism; generously proportioned and easy to clean


Conditon: Preloved Excellent. Just two 0.35cm barely perceptible marks on the side of the metal frame, and some fine specks on the laminate cover which can only really be seen if looking at the cover horizontally & close-up. 

Dimensions: Platform W 34cm x D 47 cm; Height (H)  7cm