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Gold Leaf

Rich Body Moisturiser - Bergamot, Ginger + Vetiver

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Made in New Zealand. 300ml glass bottle

100% profits fund sustainable development to help poor Cambodian villagers adapt to the impacts of climate change.

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Fragranced with the spiced, earthy notes of ginger & vetiver, inspired by Silk Island in the Mekong, locally-known for its aromatic fresh ginger. 

Ethos products exist solely to create social & environmental impact. There is no better definition of true beauty.

This exquisite extra-hydrating moisturiser is enriched with skin-softening virgin coconut oil sourced directly from Kampot (Cambodia), shea butter & mango butter.  

Each bottle contains naturally-fermented coconut oil that’s hand-squeezed in the traditional fashion, not machine-pressed or centrifuged. This age-old method retains more of the coconut’s skin-nourishing micro-nutrients, and creates fair-wage employment for local women. Ethos buys coconuts direct from the tree so family growers can earn better incomes. 

Instead of using synthetic preservatives (industry norm), Ethos spent two years developing products with plant-derived preservation, so as not to contribute to 75,000+ metric tonnes of synthetic preservatives rinsed down drains each year globally.  



100% of Ethos profits go back into the sustainable development of poor communities in Cambodia, re-planting coconut trees in Kampot which act as carbon sinks, and growing Ethos so the enterprise can in turn increase its impact.

Most rural Cambodians struggle to earn enough to meet their basic needs and are under-nourished – eg one third of under 5 year-olds have stunted growth.  To help address this unsustainable crisis, Ethos develops real (direct) trade  and an income source for them, building on the tenacity of Kampot’s family coconut growers & coconut oil pressers.

Ethos has the goal of supplementing the incomes of 600 growers, planting 10,000 coconut trees in Cambodia & Aotearoa by 2030, and establishing new income opportunities in this region.

Ethos partner village enterprise hand-squeezes the coconuts at origin, producing the finest virgin coconut oil from fresh coconut milk. This traditionally time-honoured process retains the highest antioxidant levels and creates employment for 14 local women.