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Selby & Leo

NZ Beech Valet Tray

  • $55.00

Made in New Zealand

Perfect for your pocket dump - at your front door, in the hall, in your kitchen, by your bed, or in your office. This EDC* tray is ready to hold all your small stuff, so you'll always remember where to find it.

Keys, phone, pocket knives, watches, cards, wallets, cash, mini flashlight...what ever you carry for your tactical everyday life.

Crafted in beautiful New Zealand Beech, with nice warm coloured grain. Waxed and polished to a silky satin finish.

Measures: 249mm long x 178mm wide x 21mm thick. Tray cavities 90mm x 150mm for the smaller one 115mm x 150mm for the larger one. Both 11mm deep.

Condition: New