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Gold Leaf

Nicaraguan Coffee Intense Awakening Face Mask

  • $10.00

By BODY SHOP 75g glass pottle

Have you ever used coffee in your skincare routine? If you didn't yet you should because The Body Shop made this absolutely amazing face mask with Nicaraguan coffee, shea and cocoa butter, 100% vegan. Just looks at this beautiful texture.

The scent of fresh coffee is very calming, uplifting and anti-depressant. The caffeic acids in coffee beans have anti-inflammatory properties and they help to reduce puffiness, boost collagen and promote healthy skin. Coffee is also a rich source of vit, B3 (niacin) and because it will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in your skin, it will help smooth wrinkles and fight those fine lines.

This mask has gently exfoliating coffee bean particles from Community Trade Nicaraguan coffee, organic cane sugar from Paraguay, Community Trade sesame oil, Community Trade shea and cocoa butter from Ghana. The texture is rich, grainy and gluey but very pleasant to use, it warms very gently in contact with skin and gives a delicate exfoliation. It doesn't dry up and its very easy to wash it off.

Condition: New