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Phyllis & Ollie

KRUPS Hand Mixer & Bowl (with stand), 1974 pre-loved

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Made in Ireland

Great for your bach (crib for south islanders), first-time flatting children/grandchildren or budding young bakers.

This is the legacy Krups St 3000; the first ever hand mixer (with bowl) first produced by Krups in Germany in 1960. The small motor appliance known as the “Drei Mix (3-Mix), multi-function mixer, came with the motto “Beyond Reason: quality, technical, and far sighted design”. German’s are always true to their word!

You can get modern day equivalents for cheaper, but they don’t have anywhere the personality, charm or legacy of this design, still working brilliantly after almost 50 years. 

Operating condition - Excellent 

Model - Krups St 3000, 3-Mix

Manufactured - 1974

Colour - orange

Condition - Amazing, particularly considering its age. Little bit of colour fading (barely perceptible) but no marks or flaws

Technical specs - 220w, 3-speed

Electrician Checked July 2022