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Kākāpō Parrot

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Made in Auckland

The delightfully cheeky Kākāpō parrot is only found in NZ. Critically endangered, the Kākāpō is the world's only flightless parrot.  They use their short wings for balance and support rather than flapping. Their feathers are much softer than those of other birds because they do not need to be strong and stiff enough to support flight. Only roughly 200 of these beautiful parrots still exist.

All Woodland products are made using predominately maple and ash woods which are hard sustainable woods; making them sturdy, beautiful and most importantly working with nature in all their is to offer and not against. The paints, tints and oils are all VOC free, plant and mineral-based. 

Size: 8 cm H x 10 cm W x 2cm D 



Woodlands husband and wife duo, Will and Terri Wara, embarked on a journey of low waste and wanted to be able to create toys that had low impact on the environment. 

"When Will and I had our oldest baby, my husband and I used to wonder... "why doesn’t he play!?" He would follow me everywhere & there wasn’t a second in the day for a break.... for him or I.

It was tiring and I wondered why a lot. One day it occurred to me... all his toys were in a box, how could he possibly have the option to play when toys were packed away!? It seems so obvious now I write it, but first time mum and not knowing how children really function, it had me baffled. So I started to do some digging and learnt some tricks on how kids play with ease and why their environment effects their play.

There’s so many ways of ways to approach an engaging play space and session but wanting to keep it easy and without complete influence (I want my children to become who they want to become, not who I think they should become) Rotation, following their interests and accessibility to their play items seem to be key.

Now I’m NOT saying you need to spend thousands on a play area. You really don’t. And if you do decide that you want a beautiful selection of toys and pieces you don’t need to get them all at once. Build on it! And incorporate natural treasures and invaluable kitchen items or op shop scores into it." Terri Wara


Woodlands are partnered with New Zealand conservation charity, Trees that Count, championing the planting of native trees around the country. For every $200 spent on Woodlands toys, one tree for planting is funded at $10. Since 2016, Trees that Count have planted over 33 million trees.