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Gold Leaf

Glacial Clay Masque

  • $32.00

Made in New Zealand. 100g pottle

100% natural

A naturally infused NZ botanical formulation in this extraordinary masque leaves your face exfoliated and squeaky clean. Trust us - this is one amazing masque.

NZ Glacial Clay has exceptional drawing power... this is due to its uniquely high CEC strength of a massive 90/100. This is why you can literally feel this clay masque working its magic on your skin, drawing out those nasties and excess oils from deep within your pores, leaving you with deeply-cleansed, exfoliated and glowing skin every time. 

Positively charged toxins and bacteria are attracted to the negative ion charge of the glacial clay masque which helps with deep cleansing, detoxification, rejuvenation and revitalization – leading to hydration, cell regeneration and improved connective tissue health.

NZ Glacial Clay detoxifies and delivers essential minerals such as Iron, Silica and Calcium, while Mamaku Fern, Kawakawa, Aloe Vera and Olive Oil provide soothing and softening. 

NZ Glacial Clay has a unique mineral makeup, formed over 3 million years ago from the ancient collision of volcanic ash and glacial ice. Due to the nano particle size of the clay, it deeply penetrates the pores of your skin to remove bacteria and excess oil, and deliver rejuvenating minerals below the dermis. 

Condition: New