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Phyllis & Ollie

Foods that HARM, Foods that HEAL, hardcover

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The A-Z Guide to Safe & Healthy Eating, Reader's Digest

Compiled with the aid of more than 300 experts, this is a layman's A-Z guide to diet and health, consisting of straightforward entries on foods, drinks and ailments. Every entry has been checked by specialists from various backgrounds, and case studies are included where appropriate.

This book is a must have for every health concious person. Not only it enlists the benefits and drawbaks of common fruits, vegetables and other eatables including cheese and chocolates, it also advices what to eat and what to avoid on various diseases. The book covers the complete nutritional details of food items.

This is not a one time read but can be used as a reference everytime when you need to be sure about some diet. Well researched and a thorough guide for safe and healthy eating.

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Condition: Preloved Pristine

No. Pages: 400

Dimensions: 26CM X 20CM