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Phyllis & Ollie

COPPER PRO Flippable Omelette Maker, c1990s

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This is omelette making gold! Also great for homemade hash browns and frittatas. Comes with FREE parmessan shaver & silicone spatula.

Pristine retro kitchenware like this make great presents for children/grandchildren who are first-time flatting, university student or budding young chefs. They tend to be simple design, compact, and difficult to break.

The non-stick, scratch-resistant copper ceramic cooking surfaces (that’s right, there are two) cooks AND browns the omelette with no oil or butter needed. You may be saying to yourself that this is no different than having a small non-stick omelette pan. Well, can you flip your omelette pan? 

The Copper Pro has two identical cooking sides. Just flip the entire appliance over once the first side is cooked, for a delicious two-sided, evenly cooked omelette.

Colour - Fire engine Red

Condition - Preloved Excellent

Dimensions: 9cm H x 32cm W x 12cm D