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Carluccio's Complete Italian Food

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Antonio Carluccio is one of Italian foods greatest ambassadors, believing that Italy produces the finest produce and the richest cuisine in the world. This work distils a lifetime's knowledge and experience into one definitive book.

Each chapter focuses on a different food type: fish and shellfish; poultry and game; pasta; fresh and cured meats; vegetables and pulses; rice and grains; fungi; cheese; fruits and nuts; and breads and pastries, and describes methods of cultivation, production and preparation, explaining numerous regional varieties, specialities and traditions.

Over 200 classic recipes from every region of Italy are featured, along with an A-Z of Italian oils, herbs, spices, wines and liqueurs.

Amazon new US$95 - $149 (since Carluccio's death, his cookbooks have become collector's items)


Condition: Preloved. Excellent. Little sign of wear except some fine, barely perceptible scratches on back cover, and the top RHS edge on front cover is ever so slightly turned up.

No. Pages: 320

Dimensions:  26cm x 21cm

Publisher: Thunderbay Press 1997