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Gold Leaf

Body Moisturiser - Lime Blossom, Palmarosa + Green Coffee

  • $35.50

Made in New Zealand. 300ml glass bottle

100% natural

100% profits fund sustainable development to help poor Cambodian villagers adapt to the impacts of climate change. Made in Auckland

Inspired by Cambodia's fragrant citrus groves, this light moisturiser is scented with the delicate notes of lime blossom. Ethos products exist solely to create social & environmental impact. There is no better definition of true beauty.

This lightly hydrating moisturiser combines skin softening, hand-squeezed virgin coconut oil sourced directly from Kampot (Cambodia) & mango butter with antioxidant-rich properties of green coffee extract.

Each bottle contains naturally-fermented coconut oil that’s hand-squeezed in the traditional fashion, not machine-pressed or centrifuged. This age-old method retains more of the coconut’s skin-nourishing micro-nutrients, and creates fair-wage employment for local women. Ethos buys coconuts direct from the tree so family growers can earn better incomes. 

Condition: New