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Gold Leaf

Ceramic juicer, antique white

  • $55.00

Made in New Zealand

What is it about New Zealand oranges that make them so darn delicious and juicy. Even better, try juicing them BY HAND, and you will fall in love all over again. Using a traditional style ceramic juicer can relax you beyond belief when there's no time (or money) for a masssage. Not only it is hundred times more elegant than a juicing machine, this stylish ceramic juicer is smaller to store, keeps all the pulp, and is super easy to clean. Sometimes the simple things of life really are the best. Try for yourself.

Juicer fits snugly in your hand and is designed to accommodate everything from limes to grapefruit. Its sharp ridges, optimal spout, ergonomic and simple form makes juicing a pleasure. And isn't that what life should be?


Condition: New

Size: 14.5 cm dia x 7cm H