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Phyllis & Ollie

Action Man Ninjutsu (2002) & Missiled Go Kart (2000)

  • $75.00

Hasbro was tapping into the 2000s being the decade for martial arts movies, when they launched both the missiled go kart and Ninjutsu action Man. Kicking off with Crouching Tiger and Kill Bill, then later into the worldwide hit Kung Fu Panda. 


Action Man Ninjutsu -12" high  with textured painted hair. Adjustable head, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, knees and feet, He is supposed to have bare feet as part of his martial arts character. Good condition Ninjutsu Action men sell for $25 - $35.

Action Man Missiled Go Kart. 32cm length x 12cm high x 21cm width

Movable steering wheel and wheels. Hidden front missile activated by a secret button on the steering wheel. Missile included. Good condition Missiled Go Karts sell for $60 - $80


Condition: Preloved Excellent. No parts missing for either Action Man or the Go Kart. Go Kart has a little wear on types otherwise in great condition.