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Phyllis & Ollie

Action Man RHINO Jeep Patrol & Action Man, Rare 1993

  • $69.00

Rare Jeep, released by Hasbro in1993/ Action Man released in 1969

This is a huge vehicle - ready to go off-roading (inside or outdoors) for hours of fun. Action Man included, plus two extra large guns. Great for grandparents for when young ones visit, or for car enthusiasts (big and little).

Due to the rareness and age of this jeep, even incomplete versions of the jeep by itself typically sell for $75 -$125.

You can pick up new Hasbro Action Men for £30 - £60 (NZ$60 - $115), but they rarely have the character and charm of the vintage versions.

In 1966 Palitoy released a new range of toys, Action Man was born, a close relative of G.I. Joe which was manufactured by Hasbro in America. The original Action Man range consisted of what become known amongst collectors as “Painted Head” dolls. The original figurines launched were Action soldier, Action pilot, and Action sailor. Such were their success, that within three years, a small range of other action men and accessories were launched. The figurine itself saw a few changes until Palitoy ended production in 1984; first was the introduction of” flock” hair in 1970, later in 1973 gripping hands and finally 1977 saw “Eagle Eye” dolls. Then Hasbro bought the brand.


Condition: Preloved, good. Jeep is missing the windshield, gun, and base of driver’s side door sill. Action Man is the original 1:6 12 inch. He is missing his boots. otherwise good condition

Jeep dimensions: length 46cm x height 26cm x depth 32cm (4x4 wheels height 13cm x diameter 13cm)