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Our pre-loved brand, Phyllis & Ollie, is like the design arm of TradeMe.

The difference being that Phyllis & Ollie does the Selling for You. Plus the Deep Clean, repair and restore (if necessary), and magazine style photography. We're about maximising the sales value of your treasures, which Phyllis & Ollie sell through Gold Leaf design store, TradeMe, or private buyers.

Phyllis & Ollie services are perfect for gems sitting in back of kitchen cupboards, decluttering, downsizing to smaller home, moving parent(s) to rest home, or clearing out entire household while dealing with loss of a loved one and the sale of their home. 



Design Edit - Individual item(s) sold on consignment. Particularly vintage kitchenware and appliances, vintage toys/games. Fees: 50% of sale proceeds less GST & payment gateway fees

Estate Curation - Household is appraised & separated into three categories: Design, Charity, and Rubbish. Focus on identifying where restoration or deep clean could add real value. Detailed inventory is provided. Fees: one-off $500

Estate Edit - Remove, store, and sell house lot, post Estate Curation stage. Consignment contract provided. Any specialist skills (e.g. repairing, upholstery) charged separately with prior estimate approval by client. Service currently only available in Otago and Southland. Fees: 50% of sale proceeds less GST & payment gateway fees

Pack & Carry - Non saleable items packed up and taken to local charity shops or landfill. Estimates provided. Fees: $25/hr + landfill charges

Busy Bee  - Organise & oversee any necessary work through our trusted network of contractors. Estimates provided for Busy Bee & individual contractors who invoice clients directly. Fees: $30/hr


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