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What is the Gold Leaf symbol?
Since its origins in ancient Egypt as far back as 3000BC, Gold Leaf has been about honouring important objects and people. Objects with the Gold Leaf symbol represents NZ product design excellence; made with sustainable materials and deep respect for nature. 

The clean, modern style of New Zealand design has been part of the international design elite for a while. Albeit often under the radar. Kiwi Daniel Coster leads the team for Apple product design; Allbirds sustainable footwear has an international celebrity following; Untouched World merino is worn by President Obama, David Trubridge lighting has been exhibited at London's Victoria & Albert Museum, and the Smithsonian in Washington; Stansborough pure NZ wool blankets are sought after by royalty; Huffington Post says Wishbone's wooden children's bikes "set the standard"; Richard Clarkson's Cloud lamps have been features in America's Fast Company magazine; and the stunning upcycled Noho chair has been featured in design magazines around the world, including Design Week UK.

We could go on... and on, but you get the picture.  

Despite the extraordinary calibre of talent in New Zealand, most people, including many New Zealanders, do not associate this country with worldclass design.

Gold Leaf New Zealand was established with the mission to change this. Bringing together NZ design excellence under one roof, so that it can be championed, promoted and sold nationally and internationally. 

Many designs featured under the Gold Leaf symbol are made right here in New Zealand. However, being a relatively young, small country with limited manufacturing infrastructure, it is not always practical (or even possible) to produce designs locally. We sincerely hope this will change over time, as we grow the international reputation of NZ design excellence.

Ultimately, we plan to build a physical design store as a showcase for Gold Leaf NZ products. Firstly as a prototype in New Zealand, which will be then replicated in other countries. 

⠀⠀We hope you love the products honoured under the Gold Leaf symbol as much as we do. 


Carolyn Managh, founder