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Toys powered by nature, not plastic

Toys powered by nature, not plastic

The majority of toys are more dangerous than you realise. Maybe not to your child’s immediate health, but definitely to their long term well-being and that of the Planet. 

An astonishing 90% of new toys are made from petroleum-based plastic and that doesn’t even account for the billions of toy soldiers, Barbie dolls, and Lego bricks sitting in attics around the world. Eventually, over 1 million tonnes of plastic playtime will go landfill waste each year. 

Toy companies are taking these environmental concerns seriously, with Mattel and Lego both pledging to abandon unsustainable plastics and packaging by 2030. Hasbro has committed to removing all plastic from their packaging by 2022, but their toys will still be made of plastic (Arggh).

The question is, should we continue buying plastic toys for the next eight years, while manufacturers get their acts together? Or, do we start playing a different game right now? Buying into toys powered by nature, not plastic.

One toy maker changing the nature of playtime for good, is Woolkin. Made with NZ wool felt and sustainably sourced NZ pine, Woolkin's oversized tractors, fire-engines and single propeller airplanes are an imaginative reinvention of the classic Tonka Truck.

These beautifully designed and handcrafted toy vehicles draw children to open-ended play; providing the props to develop interactive, cognitive and motor skills. Alongside many hours of imaginative fun.

Playing with nature-forward toy vehicles makes more sense than playing Russian roulette with the state of the world that our children inherit in generations to come. It’s your choice. Plastic or Nature?

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