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Putting glamour into afternoon tea

Putting glamour into afternoon tea

In Korea, tea is associated with meditation; as you empty your cup, you empty your mind. While in England, the British love affair with afternoon tea has long left behind its origins of a snack to stop you fainting before supper arrives, to become the perennial delightful treat in an otherwise stressful world. 

In some cases, tea parties have become the new Happy Hour; an opportunity to take a break, put the phone away and spend time talking with friends or family.

However, no matter how fancy the culinary fare, an afternoon tea is made most special when served in exquisitely beautiful fine bone china from the likes of Wedgwood, Royal Albert or Royal Doulton. Fine china adds a glamour that is unmistakeable. Nowadays, you have a multiude of choices, from new pattern designs to timeless classics discovered in second hand shops.


Pictured: Wedgwood Butterfly Bloom