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For the Love of Water

For the Love of Water

If you think there is no taste difference between filtered and unfiltered water, then we recommend that you try the Brita ‘tea test’. Back in 1966, Brita’s German founder Heinz Hankammer, came up with the idea of a tea test to convince people of the improved taste of tap water after being filtered. The test must work, because 50+ years later, Brita is an international company based solely on filter water jugs (and some filter water taps). 

New Zealand’s tap water is safe as houses to drink, and probably more pure than many other countries, however it still has a slightly metallic taste with a hint of chlorine (adding chlorine to tap water makes it safe). 

One option is filling a jug with tap water and putting it in the fridge. Some of the chlorine will dissipate and the chilling is often enough to mask any remaining flavour. A squeeze of lemon juice also helps. However, we’re more in favour of removing rather than “masking”. Additionally, while all water is important to keep the body working, room temperature water in particular, is best for digestive and metabolic processing. Hence why we prefer the filtered option, and are 100% Team Brita.

In product claims testing by Consumer NZ, Brita topped the list for removing chlorine and heavy metals, optimising pH levels, and best tasting water. Brita scored the highest on efficacy; removing more than 94% of chlorine and 98% of heavy metals.

It may seem a bit 1979 to keep a filtered water jug on the kitchen bench, but then, some things are simply timeless. Like a perfect cup of tea.
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